Attorney Profiles

  • Michael D. Monico
    Michael D. Monico is recognized as one of the premier criminal defense attorneys in the country, representing individuals and corporations in high profile federal criminal and regulatory cases. Read more >
  • Barry A. Spevack
    Barry A. Spevack concentrates his practice in federal and state criminal and civil appeals. Read more >
  • Jacqueline S. Jacobson
    Jacqueline S. Jacobson is a former Senior Enforcement Attorney at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s Midwest Regional Office. Read more > 
  • Carly A. Chocron
    Carly A. Chocron is an associate at Monico & Spevack. Since joining the firm in early 2017, Carly has represented clients in a variety of criminal matters in both federal and state courts. Read more >